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Zen Dog Massage


About Me



My name is Kat. I am an animal lover and have been my whole life.

Zen  Dog Massage has given me an opportunity to professionally do what I  love. I am Certified Canine Massage therapist who believes dogs can  truly benefit through massage.

I started Zen Dog Massage as a way  to help dogs and by extension, their people. A happy, healthy pet makes  for a happy, healthy pet parent.

All animals can benefit greatly  from massage. I have helped dogs who are timid to overcome their fears  to flourish in a social setting, and older dogs with hip and joint pain  frolic again like puppies. I have also witnessed the effects of  therapeutic massage on dogs who are recovering from surgery.

Like  people it could take a few sessions before we can fully see the effects  of a massage. However with the right combination of love, patience and  therapy, we can make sure your pet feels their best.

Help your pet reach the pathway to happiness and health. Book a massage today!


Canine Massage

Canine massage can be very therapeutic, especially for senior dogs.  Here are a few things it can he

Older Dogs



Canine massage can be very therapeutic, especially for senior dogs. It can increase flexibility and range of motion, reduce pain of aging joints and arthritis, improve circulation of the blood and lymphatic systems, improve oxygen flow to the brain.  It also increases the possibility of early detection of trouble spots such as swelling, lumps, skin conditions and tender areas. It does keep your dog feeling younger for longer. 


Stress, Anxiety and Socialization



Helps relax stressed, anxious  or shy dogs. Can help dogs that have suffered trauma or grief. It can help a dog become accustomed to and trust people. Boosts endorphins and serotonin levels


A Furever Friend



Dogs of all ages can benefit from massage. Regular massage can help keep your dog happy healthy and flexible. Even puppies can benefit from massage. It can offer relaxation from an overstimulating world, as well as alleviate discomfort of teething and growing pains. 

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